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Oncöur \ahng-kawr\n

1. a demand, as by applause or popular reception, for a repetition of an act, etc., additional to those within a given set 2.a word play oncuir, French for leather 3. a homonym for encœur’, French for ‘with love’ 4. a premium handbag and accessories brand made in America with luxurious European leathers and Italian fabrics with solid brass hardware custom-made in Italy

Our brand is built by combining a love for the finest natural materials with nautical inspirations, bold colors, vivid textures, and impeccable detailing. At the core of every Oncöur product lies quality hand craftsmanship, ensuring each bag exudes continual elegance with every wear. Each Oncöur handbag represents the pride and hard work of over 20 artisans and over 100 steps from start to finish, with the entire process done meticulously by hand.