Conceria Victoria

Conceria Victoria

About Conceria Victoria

Established in 1946 in Santa Croce sull’Arno, Italy - known as one of the premier locations in the world for leather production – Conceria Victoria specializes in vegetable tanning based on centuries-old tanning traditions with an eye towards modern fashion sensibilities. The vegetable tanning process they specialize in highlights the natural aspects of leather and guarantees an extremely low ecological impact.

The tannery was revived by the third-generation in 1988 to preserve the old family tradition of tanning. The result is a handcrafted product that lets people rediscover the authenticity and preciousness of natural leather up-dated for the latest fashions.

All Conceria Victoria leathers use only the best hides available on the market from Italy and France. At the tannery, the raw skins go through an old-world vegetable tanning process that gives the leather a full body and very round hand.

Costes Leather

Conceria Victoria’s Costes leather is made from the tannery’s best selection of raw hides. This leather is known for its natural finish with a silky touch and a very rich look. The special vegetable tanning process gives the leather its deep colors, full body, and very round hand.